The Visions of Black Queer Millennials

Thank you for choosing Newer Negroes as a platform for your work.

NN is dedicated to uplifting the visions of queer Black millennials. We want work that is visionary, bold, and insightful. We seek work that challenges and brings to light issues affecting Black queer and trans* folks that is seldom offered in the media. Collectively, we want work that motivates and makes strong connections, rather than just deconstructs or points out problems. We also want work that feels personal and relatable, as a result, we prefer work that is grounded in personal stories and narratives. Please keep these themes in mind when submitting and crafting your work.

Additional preferences:

  • Work that centers the most marginalized groups: e.g disabled, femme, gender non-conforming and trans* 

  • Work that centers community, healing, and arts. 

  • Work in a personal narrative format.

  • Work that asks big questions, delivers thought-provoking social and cultural commentary.

  • Work that is conversational, readable, and accessible. Please do your best to avoid academic jargon when possible. While it is important to not underestimate your audience, challenge yourself to just say what you mean. Accessibility is key.

  • Work that is timely and relevant to current issues. (If you work is not necessarily timely, grounding it in a timely connection is helpful and useful. ) 

  • Limit your pieces to 500 - 1200 words.

Lastly, we are committed to making sure the writer’s voice is clear and true to the writer’s intention, while simultaneously offering a great reader experience. So please be open to substantive re-writes and revisions when you submit.

Submissions can be made to

Thank you again for your important voice!