Aaron Talley, Editor

Aaron is a writer, activist, educator, and graduate of the University of Chicago. His work has been featured in Colorlines, Mused Magazine Online, the Feminist Wire, TruthOut.com, the Advocate, and the Black Youth Project.  He currently serves as the Membership Co-Chair of the Black Youth Project 100 and teaches elementary school on the South Side of Chicago. 

He is an only child, from Detroit, Michigan, loves RPGs and literature, is constantly envisioning a better world for black queer folks, and retains a deep and abiding love for his mother.

Follow him on twitter: @Talley_Marked

Steven-Emmanuel Martinez, Managing Editor

He's a graduate of Hampshire College and Teachers' College, Columbia University, and currently attends Brown University. An emerging documentarian, he's working on a short documentary series profiling HIV positive Black and Latino gay and bisexual men. He's also the executive producer of the short film The Space Between, and the forthcoming short film Once A Star, short film projects of The Each-Other Project.

Follow him on twitter:  @steven_brooklyn